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Where else?

It looks like Europe might be closed to Americans for awhile. So let's discuss what countries are open to Americans.(I'm going stir crazy and need to go somewhere.) What's open?

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Where are you?

Is not a lot of where you can go, dependent on where you are coming from?

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Turkey and Albania ( ) are wide open. A few other European countries with testing.... I understand that there are some Caribbean destinations open with testing.

With some creativity you can open up a few locations. Direction of travel is important too because entrance isnt always reciprocal.

An easy, very dooable trip is:

USA to Serbia via LHR is all correct and proper and no entrance restrictions. No trip to Serbia is complete without a visit to Novi Sad. Next you go to Albania and lay on the Albanian Rivera or hike the Albanian Alps for about $100 non-stop and without entrance restrictions. Then for about $100 its off to Istanbul, again, non-stop and without entrance restrictions. From Istanbul, head directly home or change in Heathrow. These arent "Loop Holes", they are countries that have made purposeful decisions about their borders.

I have been told that the IATA manages all the rules for the airlines and if the IATA says you can make the trip, you can. They have a form on their website where you fill in all the details and they tell you if you have the proper documents to make the trip. The site is

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Honestly, right now I'm just concerned with where I can go in the US!

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I agree.....I'm looking at where I can go in the U.S. as well. But it seems most of the states I wish to visit don't want me to. At least not without quarantine.

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Ya gotta start thinkin' of Dubai as Paris, just with warmer weather....

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I would check the level of medical care available where ever you travel. A friend was hospitalized in Turkey and it was not a good experience,

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Have you thought about traveling to some of the lesser known National Parks (not until Sept!)? I'd avoid cities and just go enjoy the country a little. I very much doubt that any of us have completely explored our own country.

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Frank II, I think in another post you said you were living in NC. We are planning trips to the coast in our own state, to NC to see leaves in Oct, and to SC in Dec(yes I realize that SC does not require masks). All of these states appear to be letting in everyone from other states in the area. Maybe you could also go to Virginia or Delaware or Tennessee? And if you're not afraid to risk states without mask ordinances, there's Georgia and Florida.

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I saw a wonderful tour of Georgia and Armenia done by Gate 1 tours.

Not sure it would be wise with COVID.

The National Parks in the USA would be a great option.

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Book early for the national parks as many are booked solid since everyone has decided they are the place to visit in the US.