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When will International Travel Resume?

I found the following article to be one of the most comprehensive when discussing the current world wide restrictions on travel and when they are scheduled to be removed.

It is important to note that the "opening" dates that get kicked around so much are in most cases only for residents of the countries who have been locked down at home to be allowed to resume something closer to their regular lifestyle. These dates, at this time anyway, do not in most cases extend to visitors from other countries, and in some case even to citizens of those countries still stuck abroad. Enjoy the read.

I don't think it is restricted access to only subscribers.

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And it could all change tomorrow........

And is why the article states it is undergoing constant updates as the information becomes available.

And it could change in either direction. Faster openings. Back to tighter restrictions. Which kinda eliminates too much opportunity to pre plan much at this point.

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Mark, thanks for posting this very helpful and comprehensive article. I understand everything is in flux, but that's inevitable.