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WeChina Vacations?

Has anyone bought one of these cheap China Vacations or know anything about them? Also, if so what month is the best to travel to Beijing; it's offered Nov Dec. Jan. & Feb. and costs more in other months?


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September is the best time of the year to visit China. DOn't go in the Summer, it is very hot then. Not sure about the Winter.

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Along with the punishing heat of the summer months you'd have to deal with the high levels of pollution that Beijing is famous for, and if you have respiratory issues you'd want to avoid the place entirely at those times. Once the first of the Autumn weather fronts pass thru in mid September both the temperatures and the pollution levels improve dramatically. Personally, I favor the month of October - I can recall going out to the Great Wall during the summer and not being able to see more than a few hundred yards because of the smog from the city. In October is was clear as a bell, allowing a better perspective of the wall and the surrounding countryside. It does get cold in a hurry as Autumn sets in but the tradeoff is better air quality and generally less chance of rain. Of the months you list I'd opt for November - it'll be cold but not brutally so.

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The "cheap" and very cheap tours may include compulsory shopping trips and stops taking time away from touring. Money talks and you get what you pay for.

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Yes I realize that you have to spend time listening to their sales pitch but I can easily ignore them; it's the only way I can afford to see the Great Wall!
Also I don't mind their Winter; warmer than here & there is less Rain in Feb./Mar.

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Before you book, I'd also do a search on Trip Advisor. Go to the forums home page and you can search across forums. I got a number of hits for "We China Vacations" so you may want to read the comments.

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September and October and the best months to go to China. Believe me, I lived there for a year. In winter, you can get a "Siberian Cold Front" which is as harsh and brutal as it sounds. I will never forget waking up to the sound of the wind knocking over all the bicycles in our courtyard.