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Weather and Clothes China, Philippines and Japan in the Fall

Has anyone gone to China, Philippines and Japan in the fall. I need advice on weather and what to pack and still keep it light. More summer than winter weather?

We will be China for all of September.

We will be in the Philippines (island and hill town, 2 days in Manila) early October to mid October.

We will be in Japan mid October to first week of November.

Not sure what to pack
My thoughts:
Summer: 1 knee length skort, 1 short, 1 capri, 4 short sleeve shirts, 1 bathing suit,

Winter: one sweater, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 light pant 1 heavy pant and a light puffy (Uniqlo) jacket
Rain: light raincoat with hood

Not sure if I need gloves, hat, scarf

Help would be appreciated. We would like to pack light it is a long trip. We took a similar amount of clothes to an England Ireland trip and my suit case was heavy.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, I have been to China in the fall, spring too. What provinces/regions in China will you be visiting? It is a large country with different climates.

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Depending on the locations you plan on visiting in each country, I would suggest looking up the historical weather stats. Also, you may wish to consider dressing "as the locals do" for various types of activities (for example, you may feel awkward wearing shorts in temples and shrines). I would take a skirt rather than shorts. I was always more comfortable wearing a skirt in Japan and China, especially when having to use a pit or squat toilet.

As mentioned by a previous poster, China has many climate regions (much like Canada). For example, in Beijing, it may feel like a warm summer day during the afternoon and then cool off in the evening and overnight.

The Philippines (especially Manila) is tropical (hot/humid) and during October you may encounter the hot/muggy/rainy monsoon season.

October is one of the most pleasant months to visit Japan (not as hot and humid as earlier in the year).

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Japan can be lovely in late October-early November. But it can also get rainy and cool. You should be prepared for both.

Also depends on what part of Japan - north-to-south, the climate can be pretty different.

You'll be there during peak fall leaf color. The Japanese go crazy for this (and it is beautiful). You should anticipate crowds (and full hotels) in those places known for leaf-watching - don't underestimate this, it's a big deal there.

Layers are the way to go. Given all your locations, you are going to need to have appropriate gear for very hot, tropical weather (Philippines) cold and wet (maybe both at the same time) weather in Japan.

Yes, you definitely need a hat (to keep the sun from burning you in the Philippines) and to keep the rain off you (anywhere).

I would definitely bring some light-weight gloves for Japan. If you're staying at sea-level or in the south, you probably won't get below freezing weather. But it might get colder than you think in November: we went up around Mt Fuji (some elevation, but just the towns at the base of the mountain, not up on the mountain itself) and we got a little snow the second week of November. I was glad I had gloves along.

Quite an adventure. You have to basically be ready for almost anything, weather-wise (except extreme, arctic freezing weather - but it could get down to right around freezing temps). The tropics + snow combination makes packing a challenge (I know - I did tropical South Pacific islands and skiing in Japan on a February trip - packing was tricky that time!).

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Thank you David and everyone

I guess we need to bring summer and winter clothes (layers).