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We are doing an 8 day safari in Kenya/Tanzania what should we tip the guide(s)?

Have a safari for four persons (private) for 8 days. Any suggestions on how much we should tip the guide(s)?

I am particularly interested in hearing from those people that took safaris and what they did.

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Geo, I think the tour operator gives you guidelines, but I don’t think you will know what to tip till you actually take the safari and see the service/knowledge that is provided. We are also going on a 9 day safari in Tanzania this July, we are planning on tipping on the high end because whenever I have been to Africa, the people are amazingly, warm, friendly and helpful. Plus, I always think we have so much and they have so little.

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We have been on safari twice and we’re advised to tip $10 to $15 per person per day for the guide. We also pooled our money together with the other tour members at the end of the tour to tip our drivers as they did an incredible job of spotting the wildlife and were wonderful to us. Money well spent.

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This July will be my 8th trip to Africa. If you are satisfied with the experience and service provided I would tip between $10-15 pp/per day for the main guide. Often we tip the drivers $10-20 per day for me and my husband. When in doubt we tip more rather than less. These are developing countries and the people have great needs. We try to leave a positive footprint in as many ways as possible. We typically also leave some of our clothes and shoes and bring gifts for some of the women and kids we'll meet along the way. Enjoy all the moments.