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Voltage Converted // Adapter

Hi All,
I've done some research online (eg. which has helped me alot.

Where I still need confirmation is whether, assuming my devices are multi voltage:
Do I still need to bring the AC adapters (the plug part) for my devices or can I save space in my bags and just plug in the USB cables into something like this?

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Every DC device (PC, phone, camera) I've seen in the last 20 years operates with its own dc converter that accepts 120 to 250 V AC, 50 to 60 HZ. It will say that on the converter. So a plug adapter will do.
If everything you have has a USB charging port, then it looks OK, but I have not got into its specs.

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Thanks Sam!
So what you're saying is the converter is in the device itself not the Ac adapter? Silly me I thought it was the other way around!

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It is on the power cord that plugs into the wall. Little black block. It will say right on it.

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If everything you have to charge is via USB, then that device will be fine. You could also do with just a Multi USB charger.

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It might work but seems very big and clunky - and very expensive.

It might be difficult to plug into some recessed sockets such as in Switzerland, some Italian and some French outlets.

Once you stick a power block on the end, might it not sometimes fall out of the socket?

I dunno. You can usually get just a simple adapter on this website for something like a dollar. Or get one multi - usb charger and one adapter and off you go......

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Good points Nigel. Can you point me to an example of what you mean as an alternative?

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dfrancoeur, "So what you're saying is the converter is in the device itself not the Ac adapter?" - you were right the first time. USB is neither 110V nor 240V, it is actually 5V DC. The AC adapter is a voltage converter, converting to 5V DC; the tablet, phone, camera etc. work on that voltage. The question is what can the AC adapter accept as input. As others have said, most will accept 110-240V AC.
It then becomes a physical problem of fitting your plug into the socket. The article you posted ( ) is a slight simplification. It does not mention Swiss and Italian sockets, which are slightly different.

So long as you have a 2-pin adapter which is small enough to fit into recessed sockets, you are OK in all of mainland Europe (UK is different). the big thing you posted ( ) is too big to fit into recessed sockets, and would not work in many places. You need something ending in a small "Europlug" which looks like this:

The one you posted last time ( ) has a Europlug on the white cable. But that is overkill, you just need a plug adapter and you can then use your existing AC adapter.

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Now that Chris has finally got you pointed in a good direction, be aware that different devices charged using a USB cable may have different power (wattage) requirements.

Typical PC USBs output 2.5 watts (5 VDC @ 500 mA)

Apple devices have different USB Power Block output ratings:

iPhones - 5 watts (Rated 5 VDC @ 100 mA)

iPads - 10 watts (Rated 5.1 VDC @ 2100 mA)

iPad with Retina Display - 12 wats (Rated 5.2 VDC @ 2400 mA)

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Agree with Sam. I purchased a clunker like the one you (OP) linked to, however, I never needed to use it. In Paris, Berlin, Switzerland and Australia, this has been sufficient. Needless to say, because this device is not a voltage transformer, we did verify that anything we plugged into it accepted 220V input.