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Visit to Cuba - Two Ladies

Hello Forum!

-I am excited to say that I just booked my first trip to Cuba with my sister. I am interested to hear from this community about experiences that you have had in Havana, and any advice you would have for first time travelers.

-We are both interested in Museums, Art, and Fashion.

-I am also curious about any safety issue anyone may have had, and advice for being safe.

Thank You!

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Hi Laura, Lucky you to be planning a trip to Cuba. It is on our bucket list as well. On this website, left hand side, click on 'Watch Read Listen ' then 'Travel Talks" and scroll down to Rick's talk on Cuba. It would be a good place to start. Also under Travel Blogs section, scroll to The Travelphile report on Cuba. Happy planning. Sherry

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Went to Cuba in July 2016, loved it! Beautiful country, lovely people. Only stayed in Havana for a couple of days but would love to go back and spend more time there. We toured with a company that I found after extensive online searching when my friend suggested we go and she had found a much higher priced one with another company. I'm very happy I chose them, great itinerary and wonderful guide (Camillo). Our guide was with us daily for the 2 weeks and we visited Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Baracoa and Cienfuegas. Lots of museums ...even if you go on your own or with another group, try and see lots of museums... so interesting. Many of the museums have (shocking by our standards) the exhibits right out in the open (no barriers) and can be somewhat dusty. And don't expect anything in English, of course. This is why having a guide was really great, and in addition to giving explanations at museums and sites, on our drives he would tell us the history of Cuba, which was fascinating. He was passionate about his country and was frank and open about the issues Cuba faces now, as well as about the past. I hope you go to Cuba, and I hope you love it like I did.
My favorite museums were the ones at Bay of Pigs and the Che memorial.
Local people eat a pretty basic diet, I did not find the food to be amazing, though it wasn't bad either. Just don't holdout high hopes.We had 2 excellent meals (one at an Italian restaurant in Havana, La Dominica, the other was in Baracoa, and I am sorry I can't recall the name, but it was on a hill and it was upstairs)

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How exciting! I'm planning my first trip to Cuba, too. So far, I've found this site quite useful as a reference:

Which cities are you thinking of visiting? I've heard there is some cool art and off the beaten path museums in Matanzas.

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Cuba is extremely safe as the penalities for any crime are severe.
Make sure that you dine at the privatly owned Paladars.
We enjoyed the music and dance that seemed to going on around us everywhere.