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Vietnam birds

During this time of lockdown, I am using the time at home to organize my trip pictures and put them into scrapbooks. I have a question about birds that are found in the Delta region of Vietnam. While spending a night at a Homestay we were awakened by what sounded like large monkeys running on our roof making a chattering noise. We didn't see them and when we asked our hosts what had caused the commotion they said that they were birds and it sounded like they said Cookoo birds. In doing some research here at home the sound seemed like that of Laughing Kookaburra. But all I can find out about them is that they are only found in Australia. Does anyone know if they are also in the Delta of South Vietnam?

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There are lots of different types of cuckoos in Vietnam. Unless you have a sound recording, it’s going to be impossible to pin it down.

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Thanks for your help. I've listened to the recordings of many of the birds from that area and have a couple of them that it could be. Since they were obviously large birds that helps to cut down the possibilities.