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Victoria Falls Bungee Jumping!

Has anyone done this? Always wanted to try bungee jumping once in a beautiful location - Victoria Falls might just be it!

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Victoria Falls-- 355 ft high

Drop 300 feet and speed is 94 mph. To stop before traveling the last 55 ft one will experience ~21g to have a 5 ft margin.

1- Do you have faith they have that good a bungee cord?
2-Jet pilots with specialized pressure suits struggle to stay conscious at 9g
3- Have you been diagnosed with an incurable illness/condition and only hours to live?
4- Does your Estate want to be mired in litigation in Zimbabwe?
5- Do you plan to buy evacuation/repatriation insurance, or are you content "to be one" with Africa ?

Do try to make 7 more posts so you hit the 100 mark before the jump.

Bon Voyage