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VIA Rail package tour of Montreal, Quebec City, Charlevoix, and Halifax

Does anyone have any experience with this tour? If not, does anyone have any experience with other VIA Rail tours? I've used VIA Rail before for a business trip from Windsor to Toronto, and my partner has used it for a pleasure trip from Windsor to Montreal, and those were good experiences for us. We've reached the point in our lives when we want to treat ourselves to a nice package tour rather than having to do everything for ourselves on the cheap. We hope to go some time during the summer of 2015.

I've noted the responses on the recent Canada Summer Travel topic and will follow those recommendations for resources on Montreal and Quebec City. Does anyone have any recommendations for resources on Halifax? I've never been to any of these cities, so the basic/standard tourist sites are of interest. I do have older editions of the Quebec and Nova Scotia provincial tourism guides since I've always wanted to go there, and I have just requested current ones.

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