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One Small Town and Private Property in Vermont Limitting Tourists During Fall Foliage

Update: Title has been edited and updated because it ws misleading and incorrect. I believe that it is now ok.

The community has become so popular because of social media, they are forced to close the roads to the farm community.

Fortunately, there are still many other places to see the Fall Colors in Vermont and rest of New England. All you have to do is drive through any of the New England states. Spectacular color.

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Vermont is NOT limiting tourists during fall foliage. One small town in Vermont is closing access to a specific farm near the town.

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Yes, your title is very misleading.

One town in Vermont controlling road access to one property.

Definitely not a limitation on tourism in the state.

C’mon up, the leaves are turning.

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so I will Edit my title . how about that. sorry about my mistake and confusion

Update: So I have updated and edited title. Is it ok now

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Just to add a note to this - that area of Vermont , in the Woodstock and Quechee area has been very popular well before the advent of Social media . A visit there there will quickly show why .

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When I want privacy, I get on national news and expose my name and address to those who never cared. What impresses me are the surplus resources that Vt and her municipalities have so to cater to a few annoyed residents on their 80 acres concerned about a little inconvenience. I noticed that no one turned away all of those who showed up to help with the recent flooding, also a little inconvenient. Maybe you’ll get lucky and have rain for the next few weeks. That should solve it.

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it does seem that the story got way too much national exposure. It was reported on Good Morning America, the national news and I do not know how many others.

I misunderstood. i thought that all of Vermont was restricting tourism because the story got so much exposure.

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I have been to Vermont a few times including during foliage. It is just a. beautiful place no matter when you go or where.

But many other places are also very beautiful.

Fortunately there are. a lot of very beautiful places everywhere.