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Vancouver, B.C. with dogs

We are planning to go visit Vancouver, B.C. this summer with our 2 dogs: chocolate labs, very good with people, not barkers. We would like suggestions on where we could stay that would accept dogs - an apartment or B&B place would be best. We will be there for about 4 days. Thanks in advance. Peter

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AAA publishes a guide book "Traveling With Your Pet" that covers both the US and Canada. It's possible that the CAA also has something like that. Also, you could try googling pet friendly accommodations in Vancouver BC. I know allows you to filter your search by 'pet friendly' and I would suppose other booking sites do also.

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I use to find pet -friendly hotels.

We will be visiting Vancouver Island this summer with our yellow Lab. I found Canada to be very dog-friendly when making reservations. Just be sure to bring proof of rabies vaccination.

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Were you planning on staying right downtown? I've never tried, but you might find something at Airbnb or similar places, although many of those may not provide parking. Most of the larger hotels provide parking, but it's not cheap. Hotels will be less likely to accept two dogs, but some of the budget properties allow pets for an extra charge. If you can't find a B&B, you're more likely to find a place that accepts pets at one of the budget chains.

Which part of the city to stay may be influenced to some extent by your sightseeing plans.

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Hi Peter,
I do know that Accent Inns allow pets. I don't know how many there are in Vancouver but for sure there is one In Richmond, near the airport, YVR. There is an IHOP restaurant attached. Enjoy Vancouver.
Cheers, Sherry

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The AAA guide mentioned above is out of date, and no doubt was at time of publication. Also, there are more and more off-leash dog parks these days so if you need such, as we do with our dog, do a quick Internet search to find ones near your journey and destination.

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I believe the Sylvia Hotel accepts dogs. It is in a great location in Vancouver, by English bay and walking distance to Stanley Park and the sea wall. They do have apartment style rooms.

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The Sylvia Hotel does accept dogs, and it is a fantastic place to stay. As mentioned, the location is close to perfect. They do have larger, apartment style units. It is a classic 100+ year old hotel, so expect slow elevators and well-worn (and loved) rooms. Across the Lion's Gate bridge in West Van there is a terrific dog park in Ambleside Park, right on the water. My pup loved our visits there. I would just say "let's go to the Sylvia" and he'd go crazy (which was a short trip for him anyway).