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USB Ports in Australia/New Zealand

I'm a Canadian travelling to New Zealand and I'll be taking my tablet and cell phone. Can I plug my USB directly into a New Zealand USB port to charge it, or do I need to use a two-prong plug and an adapter? (Yes, I've checked and my devices are okay voltage-wise). Thanks.

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USB is a worldwide standard, so if there is a USB socket you can use it. But an adapter is a necessity when there are no USB sockets.

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I haven't been to New Zealand, so don't know if you'll encounter USB-A or USB-C with the ports there. Hopefully you can adapt to either one.

I assume you'll also be taking at least one Type-I Plug Adaptor?

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Our USB ports are perfectly fine to use :) If you need to charge though then you will need an AUS/NZ adapter (2 or 3 pronged).