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USA to Kenya through Amsterdam

Do we need to go through baggage inspection or customs in Amsterdam on the outbound leg of our trip? Thanks!

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Are you just transiting through Amsterdam airport (on the same ticket not leaving the airport) or are you laying over in Amsterdam before going to Kenya/ or bought two separate tickets? I hope your laying over since it is a long miserable flight from the USA to Africa without a lay over. If your just transiting you should not need to go thru customs or baggage inspection. J

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Thank you so much! We are transiting, which is going to make a hellacious long day flying from Kansas City to Detroit to Amsterdam to Kenya. We arrive around 2300 Kenya time. After Kenya customs, bus ride to our hotel, and unpacking, I’ll probably be a zombie. But, we are looking forward to Kenya and Tanzania. I did this trip 50 years ago when I was 15 with my Dad, Step-Mother (Saint), and my Step-Brother. Dad and Step-Mom slept in and gave Billy and me money to go get food in the city. We walked a block to KFC and got ?chicken? and some fries. I still can’t believe we got sent out unsupervised in Nairobi. Thanks again. Hope I didn’t ramble too much. Jim

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We did a wonderful safari with Good Earth tours in August of 2022.
We purchased two separate tickets, from JAX, Florida to Amsterdam and return with Delta (using miles) and from Amsterdam to Nairobi, returned from Arusha, Tanzania on Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways had a great price.

We had a day and a half in Amsterdam on the way over and a week there on the way back. At the time Schipol Amsterdam airport was struggling with huge delays getting through security and immigration, so you had to arrive at the airport to check in four hours prior to your flight. We stayed at the Hilton next to the airport (walking distance to the terminal) on the way over and the Nadia Hotel near the Anne Frank House for the week.

Amsterdam is great, just didn't like walking down the street having to smell all the pot smoke.

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Baggage inspection is customs. Immigration/passport control is for people.

Since you are just transiting you will do neither. (Assuming it's on one ticket.)

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I've traveled through Amsterdam both directions to/from Africa, starting from the USA. There is no passport check for in transit passengers in Amsterdam. And the international departure area of the Schipol airport is immense, with dozens of restaurants, bars and coffee shops to choose from, in numerous different terminals.

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Airports and airlines vary, but you may go through security inspection for hand bags at each transfer.