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We left AU and NZ in late February 2020 and really wished that we could have remained another year and beyond. I wish these people luck in extending their visa again.

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Reading some of the comments I got the impression some folks felt they were entitled to an exemption from NZ law, "because we have money" to spend in the local economy.

"Going home is death sentence", seems a pretty extreme, unfounded statement.

. An interesting dilemma for both sides

No argument here with that statement

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Two visa extensions for folks, but no third extension is apparently forthcoming. The almost 10,000 people on extended visits to New Zealand have certainly been in a relatively much safer country in the past year. So what’s the possibility of them getting vaccines there in New Zealand? For the Americans who’ve been living in hotels and farmstays all this time, if they had to relocate to the USA, what about Hawaii, another island location, with a better record than the sister’s California?

And the second report includes people contemplating illegal behavior, and others saying they have to follow the rules, even if it puts them in peril. At least no one’s facing Schengen limits. Hope it all works out for them. Watching old episodes of 800 Words on TV the past 2 months has us wanting to visit New Zealand in the future.