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US Passport Cards

In around a month I'll be making my first trip to Canada using a brand new passport card. Please, someone, reassure me that it's going to work out fine. I don't know why I'm nervous about it but I am. I live very close to the border and drive across all the time, but I've always used a passport in the past. However, it's a bit of a drag to have to remember to take it when we're just popping over from Detroit to Windsor for dinner at the Blue Danube or a concert at Mackenzie Hall. Better to have the card which I can just stick in my wallet and it will always be there when I need it. This time I'll be crossing at the Bluewater Bridge in Port Huron/Sarnia and don't want to have to turn around and drive 90 minutes back home because I've done something wrong.

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For land border crossings, you should have no issue.

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I used my brand new passport card in June - for a road trip from Vermont to Montreal. It worked - going both directions! So nothing to worry about.

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Your guvmint told you it will work.

You don't trust your guvmint???

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You'll be fine using it to travel to most places that are right around the US. Most people get their cards for the Caribbean, etc.

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The card will only work on closed loop cruises (begin & end in same US port)) in Caribbean. If for some reason you need to fly home from the Caribbean a pp card will not work.

As stated they were originally intended for people who live near a border (like you) and cross frequently as a more convenient option that fit in a wallet.

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It got me into Canada last Friday and, hopefully, will get me back into the US next Saturday.