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Unique Approach to Restarting Tourism

Cambodia has what is so far a unique approach to restarting tourism: $3000 deposit to cover possible COVID related costs, including your funeral, when you visit. But, hey, at least they are open to tourism again! :-/

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Looks like they figured out a way to give tourists an incentive to get tested before arriving to make sure they do not end up locked up

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“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

“It’s your funeral.”

A couple cliche sayings, but Cambodia’s offer is unique!

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There are other countries requesting proof of sufficient finances to cover your expenses. Consider that Cambodia is still a poor country and receives a lot of young travelers with little to no income. Neighbouring countries have backpackers becoming 'begpackers' where they are begging from locals and other tourists for money to continue their travels. Some may sing a song or sell a bracelet, but they are rather destitute. They seem to have no qualms falling on the goodness of others for their needs. Earlier this year there was news footage of a young man who fell sick in the region and needed a 'fund me' to pay for his medical care. I think this is who Cambodia is thinking about. However, until I see it trialed for a while, I may be bypassing Cambodia when I head to that neck of the world in January 2022 for 3 months. I can provide bank balance, insurance, proof of being able to care for myself financially and pay for my body to be returned home; but I won't be providing cash assuming that I will actually see it handed back after my travels within their country.

I would not be surprised if more try to follow this, but I can't see it being well supported by many tourists. Sad, because they benefit from our travel $.

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$3000!! Surely no one would be willing to pay that

Just like no one would pay $5 for a cup of coffee; $1000+ for a phone; $200+ for a bottle of whisky; $125 for a 3 oz bottle of perfume. ???

Some might be deterred, but I suspect it will not be a 'water-tight' barrier to travel