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Trip to Morocco- Tips for transportation and travelling alone

Hi, I am planning a trip to Morocco starting in Ceuta- Tetouan - Martil - ChefChauen - Fez and back to Tangier. So far I have only found a train between Fez and Tangier and suggestions to take grand taxis between the other cities. Any other recommendations on travelling between these?

Also, I am a female travelling by myself (will be meeting a friend in Martil and then travelling to Fes together), any recommendations?

Thanks for feedback!

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There is at least one bus between Chefchaun and Fes with a connection at Souk el Arbaa. You can also check buses. For the shorter routes, Grand Taxis probably are the way to go. If you're the only female in the taxi, you should get to ride "shotgun" instead of being squeezed in the back.

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I have been to Morocco twice. It is a great country to tour. It is more Europeanized that other Islamic countries.

Still, I would caution a female traveling alone in Morocco. This is not Europe. Taking a group tour would be safer.

While alone, just take additional precautions for your safety, particularly if you go out at night. Stay in well traveled areas.