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Trip to Morocco

My sister and I are planning to travel to Morocco on a tour for 19 days from mid November through almost the first week in December. My main concern is what to wear. I want to be culturally appropriate and also dress right for the weather that time of the year. The things I have read so far say to wear things that are loose and flowy. Unfortunately I do not have anything like that. I have nice looking pants and jeans, some capris and mostly v neck or scoop neck tops that are not tight, but fitted. They don't show any cleavage but are not up to my neck or higher.. They mostly have 3/4 length sleeves. I also have a few long cotton skirts. I need to go shopping soon as summer is halfway over and the stores will be selling fall things soon. I can't really go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of things I won't wear again. I would really appreciate some advice.
Also on all other trips I have gone on with family and friends, we have traveled independently. I like to travel light and usually go to a laundromat in the middle of what is usually a 2 week trip. If I can't do that, I was wondering how much clothes to take with me on a 19 day trip.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I'll leave most of the advice on specific attire to other women. I will just share this:

On our trip to Morocco, my wife wore the exact same things she always wears on trips to anyplace in Europe (the warm parts of Europe). Pants (including jeans and yes – gasp – even shorts), t-shirts, I'm not sure if she brought along a skirt or two. She seemed to be treated well enough, as any other female foreign tourist was. She generally dresses modestly, nothing skimpy or revealing (no "clubbing" outfits or beach-wear). Nothing special. If you've been to anyplace in Mediterranean Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece) it won't be significantly different, unless you get way, way off the tourist circuit.

One thing to be aware of: While Morocco sounds incredibly exotic to us – Africa, Islamic, the developing world – and it definitely is all of those things – it is also a mass tourist destination (much more than you think it is). Throngs of tourists descend on Morocco every day from all across western Europe (flights, and package holidays are dirt cheap for them). Stop thinking of edgy, sketchy, slightly (or significantly) dangerous places like Kabul or Damascus. Think more of...Cancun or Cabo. But with camels and the call to prayer, and writing you can't read (even your bad French will come in handy). Yeah, when you arrive, you will be among crowds of northern Europeans on cheap package tours, looking for a fix for their sun addiction. That doesn't mean you should behave like you're on Spring Break in Mazatlan (others may be behaving that way), but in many ways it's going to be easier and more familiar than you think.

Hope that helps a bit. I'll let the ladies offer their fashion suggestions...

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ (Literally, "Peace be upon you", a good phrase to memorize and use liberally...)

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Have you checked on what kind of weather to expect at the time of your trip? You could probably leave the capris at home. I don’t think you need to worry about 3/4 length sleeves being too revealing, nor about blouses that don’t come all the way up to the neck.

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I am dreaming of going and hope you have a wonderful trip! I was in Israel pre-Covid and found a couple of very large scarves to be really useful. Maybe that will help you, too? They (depending on fabric of course) dry quickly overnight so are easily sink washed. Sometimes if I wasn't sure ( out in a short sleeve t, etc) I could just cover up easily- including my head along with my shoulders (only once!) and it was so easy to keep in my bag.

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I was in Morocco last September. I wore mostly capris and long pants. I did take a skirt, but only wore it once. My tops were mostly nice short sleeved tees. We didn’t see many people in shorts, but they were mostly young tourists.

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Your clothing sounds totally fine! You will find a wide variety of clothing on Moroccan women and tourists alike. In Morocco, you'll see women wearing djellaba (a long robe) with or without hijab, but also lots of women in pants, jeans, and basically exactly what you are describing. Tourists are all over the map clothing-wise, especially in Marrakech. That time of year the weather will probably be very pleasant temperature-wise. For laundry, your hotel or riad can most likely help you out, so I wouldn't worry about that either.

I will say that when you are walking around either alone or with other women, you may run into men making some remarks or cat-calling, regardless of what you wear (and this is also the case for Moroccan women) - my best advice is just to keep going if it happens (same as you'd do in a city at home). And of course the salespeople can be pretty vocal in some places. Rabat is very relaxed overall on this front as a capital city, but Marrakech for example can be more intense.

My most recent trip to Morocco was mostly as a solo female traveler for a month staying with a host family, then with my husband for a week or so. It was summer so I packed mostly cropped pants and lightweight jeans, along with t-shirts and some linen 3/4 sleeve tops. I had a lightweight linen topper I could put over anything I felt could use some more coverage, or for some sun protection. I've also been to Morocco in February which was basically jacket weather.

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As a woman who is married to a Moroccan and who spends 6 months out of the year in-country every year, I can tell you that you can wear whatever is comfortable for you. I’ve seen all kinds of things there and Moroccans are very tolerant.

But I will tell you that you should plan to dress in layers. The weather starts to turn in the middle of November and while the days are generally pleasant still, the nights can get cold - especially in the desert, the north (Chefchaouen), and in the higher elevations. You probably won’t need capris, except maybe in Marrakech during the day. If you are doing an overnight in a desert camp, I would suggest bring some warmer layers - maybe even a light winter coat.