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Trinidad and Tobago questions: cheap lodging, banking, insurance etc.

I am heading down to T and T from the US to hide from the cold for a month or two and explore the islands. I have numerous questions and would appreciate any advice- sorry if I'm asking any beat to death questions. FYI while I will be there during carnivale I am going for the nature / culture, not to party in port of Spain.

1- I want to go without a set date of return- is there a better option price-wise than booking a one way flight there and again when I'm ready to return (the latter sounds very expensive). I'm trying to fly as cheap as possible and I'm willing to put up with airport / airline hassle to make that happen.

2- If I had the option I would spend most / all of the trip sleeping in hostels for budget reasons- I don't need creature comforts. However searching the internet I found very few hostels especially on Trinidad island. Will there be private rooms for rent or cheap hotels available in the towns once I'm there? I did find a few options on air bnb.

3- How do I take a substantial amount of money to cover my expenses while I am there. I understand that credit cards are widely accepted but if I am renting a room I may need access to a fair amount of cash. Is it possible to open a bank account there with a couple of thousand dollars? Is that asking for IRS trouble?

4- Due to the ACA I no longer have any health insurance. I am 37 and healthy but if something happened to me there I don't want to be at the mercy of strangers in a foreign country (I am pretty adventurous and can't ignore the possibility of a fall while hiking or a serious food or insect-borne disease illness). Should I purchase some kind of temporary insurance that could cover any expense I had there or a trip back to the US if necessary?

Any advice to these or anything else pertaining to T and T travel would be greatly appreciated.

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We'll do the best we can to help you here.
But you're aware, right, that we specialize in Europe travel here?
So you'll probably want to also ask your questions on a travel forum that is intended to cover that part of the world.

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  1. I would think that booking a roundtrip ticket of some kind, then paying the change fee when you determine when you want to come back, might be the cheapest way to go. Check the change policies of the various airlines you are considering to see how much they charge.
  2. No idea.
  3. You might consider leaving your money is your US account and accessing it via ATM while you are gone. It might not be possible to open an account there. You can get a substantial amount of money every day for several days (your home bank can adjust your withdrawal limit, if necessary), which should be plenty to pay for your accommodation.
  4. Check out travel insurance policies at or There are a variety of policies with different coverages, so that you can cover what you need and skip what you don't. You might also consider joining Divers Alert Network (even if you are not a diver). The individual membership is $35 and comes with some really great travel and med evac insurance.
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Well I reali it now! Oh well I'll leave this here and hope for some info and copy it to another forum that I'll have to join. Thanks for the divers' club advice.