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Travelling to Morocco navigation

Hi everyone,
We are travelling to Morocco in May.
I have many questions but the first is about gps device. We have a tom tom and have used it in europe many times. We noticed it doesn't have Morocco listed under particular countries. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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We just returned from Morocco. While we didn't use a GPS device, we did have to break down and use data on my phone at one point. My cell provider does not offer an international plan in Morocco, and the data rates were quite high.

Perhaps it would be possible to rent something locally to use for navigation?

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We used public transportation so didn't need GPS. We did buy a SIM card at the airport. The card was free and it was 50 Dirham for 5 gigabytes for one month and 2 hours (or 1,can't remember) of calls and text for one week. It was 20 dirhams for each week of calls, convenient for calling riads for directions. At an exchange rate of almost 10 to one, it was very inexpensive and gave us great flexibility.

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Why not use a proper, paper map ? No need for GPS anywhere !

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A good, paper map is always mandatory (personally, I'd go for Michelin). Get that at home, well before you leave. If you're headed there in May, get the map NOW.

A GPS with good local coverage is great to have in addition to your map, but by itself is very risky (devices fail, break, get stolen, run out of power, etc.). If you already own a decent GPS, look into buying the map/data coverage for Morocco - you should be able to load that to your device. Obtaining a GPS in a foreign country may not work out well - IME they are less reliable and certainly much more difficult to use than a reliable, familiar unit you already know (that you can bring from home).

Good map + working GPS = good. Being lost in a foreign country (especially where you cannot read the writing, never mind speaking the language), with a broken/lost/failed GPS, searching in vain for a decent map = really stressful and decidedly not fun (I know this from experience).