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Travelling in Egypt day-trip your operator suggestions for Cairo and Luxor

My husband and I are in our 50s and planning a trip to Egypt (Cairo and Luxor) and Jordan. We have places to stay in Cairo and Petra but are looking for reliable, safe, honest day (or two day) tours of Cairo and luxor. We feel comfortable touring in Jordan on our own, and we have travelled extensively, and on our own, in Europe, but we understand that it is not advisable to do so in Egypt. We want to go, but of course want to be smart and safe. Any suggestion of good day-trip tour operators that would pick us up and drop us safely off at our Cairo hotel would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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We used Egypt and Beyond Travel for a multi day tour of Egypt. They were awesome. Tarek answered our endless questions before we came over and then supplied tour guides and drivers that we loved. I don’t know if he company just does day tours but it’s worth asking. If you want a ton of detail about our tour of Egypt with them in 2017, look at my profile on this site - my blog is there and there are pages of comments abou the trip and the guides.

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We used Spring Tours, who are the local agents for Insight Tours which proves to me they are honest and know the standards required
We did an additional tour as an add on to the Insight one.
They are excellent and really looked after us with very good guides, we always felt safe with them and felt we had a real connection.
Didn’t seem to be overly expensive though a bit of haggling is expected when setting the price.
Very punctual and helpful.
I expect to return when the new Museum finally opens and intend to use them.

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Thanks so much for the responses regarding reputable tour operators in Egypt. We will check out the multi-day tour companies that have been suggested. If anyone can think of reliable single-day tour companies that would meet us and bring us back to our hotel in Cairo, we would greatly appreciate it. We are mostly interested in visiting the pyramids in Cairo as well as Luxor. We are definitely not good hagglers, so we would want the price and all expectations completely set before we signed up. We really are adventurous travelers, but friends of friends who are Egyptian working in the states, have convinced us that solo travel in Egypt, especially for my husband who is very fair and looks very American, is not the best idea. We have a nice, and highly rated local hotel already set in Cairo. We just need day-trip tour operators who will pick us up, drop us off, and safely show us the sites. Any additional suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!

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We had our hotel host recommend and arrange a tour from Cairo Luxor Aswan to Abu Simbel and back.
It is cheaper to arrange when you get there locally.

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