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Travel to Cuba

We recently watched Ricks Cuba trip and wondering on the changes since Sept. 2019.
We registering as “Support to Cuban people” and staying via Airbnb’s.
Will Steve be presenting another lectures between now and February 3030?

Sue & Len Madsen

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I know he is good but do you really expect him to around for another thousand years? Look for the edit button.

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Will Steve be presenting another lectures between now and February 3030?

Alpha Centauri through the Back Space Dock?

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That video is from 2016. If you are on a US passport, the US travel regulations to Cuba changed in June 2019.

There are rules about where you can stay, eat, and how many hours a day you must be in an activity that supports the Cuban people. You have to keep an accounting and journal in the (unlikely) event you are asked about your trip within the following 5 years. So check all State Department directives carefully.

Can't vouch for this company, but the info is enthusiastic and up-to-date.

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Be sure to check the details of travel to Cuba such as.....

  • Money - you'll pay a premium for exchanging US dollars, so you may want to take Canadian dollars or Euro to exchange for Cuban Convertible Pesos.
  • Credit Cards - if you're using credit cards attached to US banks, they may not work.
  • Phones - the cellular network is limited in some areas and you'll have to check to determine what your carrier provides for roaming there. Wi-Fi is available in some places but it can be expensive.
  • Mosquito protection - be sure to take some mozzie repellant, as Zika and Chikungunya are a concern.
  • Food - the one universal theme I've heard from people who have visited is that the food leaves something to be desired in some areas.

I've done a lot of research on travel to Cuba, but haven't made the trip yet for a variety of reasons. Lots of people from this area go to Varadero or other large resorts and just spend the whole time there, but that's not my travel style.

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To add to Ken: US bank and credit cards won’t work. The two banking systems don’t communicate. Bring enough cash to cover a hospitalization emergency.

Wifi is available at hotels and you can buy data cards to use at your hotel or hotspots. Otherwise, your phone won’t work.

There is still a daily flight to Santiago de Cuba at the eastern end of the island despite the US restrictions on all flights except to Havana.

If you go to the eastern part of the island, it’s poorer. In Guantanamo City people on the street were asking for skin cream and ballpoint pens. I wish I had brought the little bottles of cream from the hotel and pens to give away. Simple enough for us to do.

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I used a mix of Euros and Canadian dollars to issues there. I tried my Canadian ATM card and had issues, I was told that most ATM's don't work. Luckily I still had some cash to exchange.
I stayed in Casa Particulars and paid extra for breakfast and dinner. Worth it. The food there was very good. I ate out several times and got very tired of ham sandwiches, pizza and spaghetti (very common and on every menu but does not taste as good as it sounds!)
Cuba is amazing, be sure to check out the salsa clubs even if you aren't into dancing