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Travel in Barbados

Anyone been to Barbados in the past 2 years? Are there any areas to avoid for safety reasons?

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I've been doing some research for a trip next year. All areas seem to be safe but the south coast is having a sewage issue that has been ongoing for awhile. Might want to avoid that area. TA has all the details.

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Hello - my husband and I went to Barbados last year we stayed at the Hilton near Needhams Point for a week. It was a very nice hotel with many amenities. The beaches are beautiful and the water is a very clear blue. There were some restaurants nearby, but if you wanted more variety, the hotel was too far to walk and you needed to take a taxi. The taxis are very expensive even for short distances, so we ended up using the local minivan taxi's -- they are fine but, at times seem very unsafe; 15 people crammed into a Chevy Caravan is not a good idea.

One day we took a local bus to the other side of the island-- there is a surf spot called Soup Bowls that we wanted to see. We also visited an area called Welcham Gully and saw a troop of monkeys-- it was a neat experience.

I never felt unsafe during the day, the people of Barbados we're always kind and helpful. But at night I don't think i'd be comfortable wandering around on my own or with another female -- certain areas felt kind of dicey and it seemed like you could get into trouble if you let your guard down.

if you decide to go, be prepared to pay a lot for your meals-- the USD and the Barbadian dollar were almost an even exchange when we went, so I was happy for that ...but, i didn't expect the price of food to be nearly double what you'd expect to pay in the states.

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Don't know if this is too late, but we just got back from a week in Barbados last month. Stayed in St. Lawrence Gap. Had a blast - SO many things to do! Took a private surf lesson (and actually rode several waves!), swimming with turtles, Animal Flower Cave, Harrison's Cave, Welchman Hall Gully, Hunte's Gardens, Bathsheba Beach. We stayed away from Hastings which is where they had the sewage issue. We did have seaweed in the south, but went to other beaches that had the beautiful blue water you expect and it didn't ruin our time at all. Will definitely be back. If you'd like more information, private message me.