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Transportation from Manhattan to LaGuardia

I have a 3:30 flight to LAX and am staying in downtown Manhattan. I don't care to take a taxi. I know the subway does not go there. Would it be best to take a subway to JFK and take a transit bus? Any other suggestions? I see some shared shuttles from GCS but they want to pick us up at 10{30 ish a nd I don't want to get to the airport at 11:30.
Thanks for any suggestions. I find it easier to get around London and Paris.

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That said, you're going to JFK if you're flying to LAX.

It's a shame a resident of the big apple has forgotten about an airport the same distance from midtown Manhattan as JFK, has direct flights to LAX and also enjoys "European Style" public transport: Newark Airport.

From Penn Station there are direct NJ Transit trains to EWR which runs every 15 minutes.

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The OP said leaving from LGA at 3:30, destination LAX, but did not say it was a non-stop. How about Spirit at 3:30 via Ft Lauderdale?

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I got sick of doing all the research for air, hotels, etc., so I asked my husband to get the air portion . I did not look at what he did, and silly me, thought it would be out of JFK- LAX-Santa Barbara. Well, he did book out of LGA. I did not look at the reservation and assumed it was to LAX. He just informed me it is LGA -Denver- LAX. I did ask him to check Newark but he didn't. That would have been better than LGA. I have a plan on getting to the airport. Thanks for all of the help.

I have to give hubby and A-. He reserved the seats so I can't complain though I want too! :)

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Glad you are set. But a taxi or car service is also a good option esp if you are going around 1PM. Carmel or Tel Aviv are names of car services. A taxi wont be bad at that time. Ive taken both. (native new yorker)