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Tour Guide - Tokyo & Kyoto

We are group of 8 traveling to Tokyo & Japan in mid- February. Can anyone recommend an English speaking tour guide? I have been on the go-to sites to book a private guides, but I would prefer a recommendation if possible. Thanks!

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We have booked our first trip to Japan for October. My Japan expert friend has recommended that we book MK Taxi for a private driver/guide for Kyoto. They're supposed to be very good, but not cheap.

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This is a similar guide to the one above, but for Kyoto. Excellent.

I have never hired a local guide. Found the info needed on the Japan guide linked in above post and the Kyoto guide. Ask your question on TripAdvisor if you haven't already. Some incredibly helpful, knowledgeable posters there.

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I concur with ORDtraveler, the TA long timers for the Japan Forum are super helpful. I think Japan Custom Tour sometimes posts there too. Try also the forum. Great folks also.