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Toronto: Best area to stay? Any hotels you recommend?

Seeking advice from my Canadian residents or anybody who knows Toronto.
I'm looking for the best area to stay and hotel recommendations for my relatives visiting Toronto from Italy (two young 30 y.o. women).

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Hi Roberto,
I tried a budget option last time I went through the University of Toronto - it turned out much better than I thought and was very affordable (good location as well, close to many attractions and right next to the streetcar). The rooms were clean, modern and the location was great since I could get there easily from the airport using the airport bus. I thought I would mind sharing a bathroom down the hall, but it was no problem at all and I enjoyed my stay. I found the hotels downtown to be boring, expensive and pretty much mainly tailored to the corporate crowd - that's why I gave this a try. Of course it depends when they're going, since the University rents out these rooms only when school is not in session.

University of Toronto-New College Residence-45 Willcocks Residence

If your cousins are looking for a more residential (perhaps more atmospheric) option, I would say Cabbagetown is really lovely (old Victorian B & Bs). This option will involve more subway transfers and a little bit of walking unless they take a cab from the airport.

Cabbagetown neighborhood

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Sorry that I'm not able to provide many suggestions, as I'm not overly familiar with Toronto (although I have done a bit of research for a future trip). Would your relatives feel more at home staying near the "Little Italy" area or does that matter? Some of the Italians have moved out towards Vaughn, but AFAIK the Toronto neighborhood is still a vibrant area with lots of good restaurants.

Have a look at this website for more information.....

Toronto is an expensive city so staying in the "chain" hotels such as Best Western, Ramada, Comfort Inn or whatever will be more reasonably priced than the posh places like the Royal York. I'm sure Trip Advisor will have all the details.

I'm sure you've looked at this, but here are the options for getting into town from Pearson Airport.

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I would recommend staying near the Eaton Center in downtown. It is on the subway and near shopping and many restaurants.