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Toronto and Montreal--brief trip

In October my husband and I will be doing a two city trip to Toronto and Montreal. Just really two days in each city. Flying from one to the other. Have never been to eastern Canada. This would be a Wed-Sun. What would the RS community's recommendations be for a brief stay in both those cities? We were planning on just walking around and taking in what we can, but without a long agenda for either place. Interests are parks, neighborhoods, cafes, restaurants (veg and regular), historic sites, pathways, views, culture, not too heavy on museums.

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Take a look to see if there's a show could catch at the National Circus Academy in Montreal.

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Don't miss the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto if you ever were a hockey fan. We spent a whole day there. Also enjoyed the CN? Tower . In Montreal take a tour of the Forum if you are a hockey fan.
From Toronto we did an overnight trip to Niagara Falls which was a lot of fun.
If you were going in summer I would tell you to look up the Fireworks festival in Montreal.
We had a great time in both cities.

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in Toronto, staying downtown its easy to get around. if flying into Pearson you can take the UP express to get downtown.
not sure your interests...
there are tons of great restaurants
Drinks at the royal york fairmont is a nice thing to do. either in the library bar or in the lobby. both were redecorated in the last few years and are beautiful (IMO).
ripleys aquarium is fun
take a uber/cab over to yorkville and wander the high end shopping street.
if into museums you could go to the ROM
check out the CN tower

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Yo Pete,
My wife and I live in T.O. and just visited her hometown Montreal for the first time in 42 years. If you might tell us a bit more about your interests, then we'll be happy to give some useful input. Trust me, we have plenty.
I am done. The end.

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To be honest, I'd pick one or the other if you can. Two nights in each, really only gives you one day to explore each of them. If you do need to do both, you might want to look at flying out of the island airport from Toronto to Montreal, then you could maybe save a bit of time.

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you and your husband have an exciting trip planned to Toronto and Montreal! As someone who has lived in Canada, I can definitely recommend some must-see spots in both cities.

In Toronto, you can check out High Park for some beautiful nature walks, and explore the diverse neighborhoods of Kensington Market and the Distillery District. For food, I highly recommend Pai Northern Thai Kitchen and Seven Lives Tacos.

As for Montreal, make sure to stroll through Old Montreal and visit the iconic Notre-Dame Basilica. For a unique experience, head to the Montreal Botanical Garden or hike up Mont Royal for some stunning views of the city. Some great food spots to try are Aux Vivres (vegan) and Joe Beef (meat-centric).

Hope you have a fantastic trip and enjoy your time exploring these two amazing Canadian cities!

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Both cities have subway systems that make getting around to tourist areas much more efficient.
You can check their websites for more information.