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Toronto airport to Niagara falls

I have a group of four with a very long layover at the Toronto airport (8 hours total) and we would like to use that time to go to Niagara falls. I know it is 2 hours away but we are from Florida and don't come this way often. Does anyone know any taxi service/private drivers/tour trips that wound be a good idea?

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I just did a quick google for transfers from Toronto airport to Niagara Falls. Lots of shuttles and taxi offers came up. I can't recommend any of them but it's a place to start.

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Or you may be able to rent a car for a few hours. I know there are day tours.... that go from Toronto to Niagara Falls, but I don't know if you have time.

If you drive, watch out for traffic times.... it took us over 3 hours to get to Toronto from Niagara Falls and we left after whats considered morning "rush hours" in the Toronto area.
If all else fails..... you should consider a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands.... the ferry is downtown.
We went the first week of June and you get an amazing sky line view of Toronto....
it cost around $7 round trip and children (15 to 19) are $4.

If you decide to stay in the Toronto area during your layover..... the people are very nice and helpful. If you drive in the city, its just like driving in Atlanta. You'll have to pay attention and watch out for jaywalkers!! : )

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I would not try to go to the falls. Toronto traffic is crazy. Going to falls can take much longer than you think. There is a new train link from the airport to union station in downtown. For there you could go to the islands, the CN tower or just check out the sites.