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To Go or Not to Go Montego Bay Jamica

My husband and I just booked an all inclusive trip to Montego Bay and we are having second thoughts after reading about how unsafe Jamaica is. Does anyone have any recent advice. We are in our mid 50’s.

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I do not believe you have anything to worry about. Of my friends that have done similar, there have been no issues. You basically arrive at the airport, take hotel transportation to the resort, never leave the area, back to the airport.

You really will not be off the resort, plenty of security, most locals cannot even get near you. I am not saying that there is danger otherwise, or that there is even a problem, just that the style of travel does not put you into local areas and resorts work hard to keep tourists safe by isolation.

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I have been to Jamaica several times. The resorts do work to maintain a safe environment. There are excursions available, and if you travel with a group, I think it is also fine to leave the resort for short trips. I did find people selling wares outside of the resorts to be pushy at times, but I never felt unsafe.

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We just did a Disney cruise that stopped in Jamaica and we did a 2 hour walking tour with a local company. It felt safe to me, but we were with locals.

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I suppose if you are isolated in a secure area Jamaica is OK, but I wouldn't go there.

Did you compare other choices like The Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Lucia?