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To Canadian Posters

Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the deaths of your Honor Guard in Ottawa (Wed) and the police officer in Quebec (Mon) due to radicals.

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Thank you.

I was coming home from work today at the time they were transporting him on the 401, also named the Highway of Heroes. People throng the overpasses and pull over to the side to waive flags. Fire trucks line the way too. All our fallen soldiers take this route. It is very moving but I do worry one day we'll have a double tragedy with so many people along a major highway, many out of their vehicles.

My niece was in lockdown at University of Ottawa but walked out and went home because security was letting anyone in, ID or no ID.

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Thank you. We sincerely appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers after the tragedy in Quebec and then Ottawa on Wednesday. Many of us are still in shock that such a tragedy could happen in Canada. We have received wonderful and thoughtful notes from countries all over the world and appreciate the love and support.

Three cheers to the Pittsburg Penguins for singing the Canadian anthem showing the words so everyone could sing along as well as decorating the arena with canadian flags. The Penguins are truly one class act (with eleven canadians on the team;).

Our heart and thoughts and prayers go out to the two policemen and their families in NYC after the terrible hachette episode.
Hope they will be well soon.

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Colette, it is kind and thoughtful of you to post this. May I join you in expressing condolences to our Canadian friends.

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I'd also like to thank you both for your kind words. These events were not something I ever expected to see happen in Canada, but I suppose this is the world we live in these days. I initially wondered whether they were related to our deployment of CF-18's to the middle east recently, but I suspect the attacks would have occurred anyway. These were somewhat similar to the tragic events involving the RCMP in Moncton a few months ago.