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Thoughts on Argentina?

A friend and I are planning to visit Argentina about a year from now. We'd probably have about 9 or 10 nights. I was thinking about spending 5 or 6 nights in Buenos Aires (with a likely day trip to Uruguay, as I still have a tendency to "bag" countries on occasion) along with a "domestic" flight to the Iquaza Falls area for a few days.

For this trip, aside from the trip to the falls, I'd prefer not to move around too much, but nothing is set in stone. I've just started to read a guide book, google sights, etc.

Any thoughts, tips, etc, would be appreciated.

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Been there and done it. Fabulous trip - be prepared to really "blow your mind" with the beauty of the country(ies) you visit and the wonderful people.

Just one suggestion - make sure you do research on any visa(') you may need to visit each or any of the countries. We (as canadians) had to get a visa for brazil and argentina to see the falls. I realize its cheaper to obtain visa at airport, but still an added cost to budget; and even if you spend one day to see the falls we had to obtain a visa.

Have a fabulous trip.

One other thing - make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date. No reason to take any chances. WE are on our way to East Africa in Feb and have to have a series of vaccinations to make sure we are up-to-date, even though we were vaccinated as kids.

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Don't go if your name is Jeremy Clarkson, and if you do go, don't play stupid games with the number plates on your car.

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There's no visa requirement, but you have to pay a reciprocity fee prior to arrival - - you do it electronically and show the receipt at entry.

There's no shot requirement.

Unless you take the fast ferry, the buquebus over to Colonia is an all-day project and there isn't much to see on the Uruguay end.

If you have your heart set on Iguazu Falls, splurge for a flying tour, splurge extra to do it by helicopter.

That's a long time in BA, although it is a great city. Cordoba is also good.

I'd short-change everything else for southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego - - you could nab Chile while you're down that way.

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Please check with your local travel clinic and confirm whether you need to update your shots or not. We didnt want to take the chance as we were also travelling to Brazil so we updated our shots and received our yellow fever shot. There is also lots of info on the internet regarding shots recommended to visit these countries. Is it a worthwhile risk not to bother getting the shots?

Yes it is a reciperitory fee ( fancy name for visa but with less hassle), but I would certainly check on requirements to enter any country in SA. We had to get a visa and a yellow fever (and show proof) when we entered Brazil (being Canadian).

The falls are well worthwhile visiting, but really can be done with an overnite stay. Arrive one day, sleep overnite and spend the next day visiting the area and leave the next day. You can either do it on your own, or (unless they have changed) their are tours of differing lengths.

As the previous poster mentioned, The helicopter trip to view the falls is an excellent idea. We did that as well as walk around and it was certainly worth the cost. Check it out. Also that does seem like a long time to spend in BA - its a beautiful city but perhaps you could use that time in another place. Patagonia is certainly a beautiful option.


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A reciprocity fee exists because that's the amount we stiff the Argentinians to get into the US - - it's probably different for Canada.
I don't pay it, my wife does - - I think it's about a hundred and fifty bucks.

I've been a non-citizen resident (cars, house, land, taxes) of Argentina for over forty years - - which explains the no reciprocity fee . I don't know how often I commute back and forth in a year - - it varies, obviously. The last time I was there was six or seven weeks ago.

Nobody has ever asked for my shot card (which is kept good for the world) either coming or going. There is no requirement for anything. The only place for a very slight yellow fever risk is up against the border with Paraguay. If you want to get shots, make it Hep A and typhoid. Typhoid gives me rotten flu symptoms for a couple or three days so you might not want to get it at the last minute.

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Per my experience about two years ago, 5-6 nights in Buenos Aires is too much. Tastes vary, and you may be thrilled with your proposed allotment.

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The wild card for visiting Argentina right now is the so-called "blue" market for changing money. Sounds illegal to me, which is to say black market. But you can find travel sites that treat it as normal which, considering Argentina's dismal international finances, maybe it is. A post on another travel forum said the most posh and prestigious hotel in Buenos Aires told them how to find a back room where they obtained at least 50 per cent better than the official exchange rate.

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You will have a ball no matter what you choose. Personally my favourite parts of Argentina were Valdes peninsula and Bariloche. Iguazu falls was awesome. Loved it, absolutely worth it. Most of my favourite places were outside the cities - down in patagonia and over in Chile, but if you are into the clubs and dancing etc you will love BA.