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The India: The visa question

I am thinking of going to India and Nepal on my own in October. I’ve never had to deal with getting a visa but, I will for India. I will have to get one in advance because, it’s not a visa I can get at the airport when I arrive. Should I buy my airfare first before I apply for a visa or should I get the visa first? I’m not sure how long I will visit India, maybe just a week in Delhi area.

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After trying several times to get through the India visa website on-line questionaire, and getting shunted off, I went to a small local business called Passport/Visa Solutions, in the nearby town of Tempe, Arizona, where the friendly, efficient Mr. Abdu took me through the website with finesse. It cost almost $200 but was worth it to me. We bought our airline tickets first so we could get a good deal. From Los Angeles, China Southern Airlines was extremely reasonably priced and seemed to be very well run. (It is the second largest airline in China). We changed in Gangchou which is their hub, and the transfer was a model of organization. We joined our group in Delhi. I really recommend Intrepid Travel (an Australian company) their philosophy seemed similar to that which I've found on the Rick Steves tours. Our trip was in September of the past year.

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Should I buy my airfare first before I apply for a visa or should I
get the visa first?

I've never been to either country so I can't comment on the particular visa requirements of either.

However, as a general rule, I would never buy airfare without being sure about the visa first. What if something goes wrong and they don't issue you a visa, for whatever reason? You'll be stuck with all the flight expenses, and I seriously doubt that any kind of travel insurance is going to cover that.