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The English man who went up a Hill and came down a mountain

Shout out to that movie from 1995 if you have not seen it. Takes place in Wales. their beloved Hill was not actually tall enough to continue to be classed as a mountain, so the people took soil from their backyards to build-up the peak. Stars a young Hugh Grant .

I thought of it this week when there was a news article that several cities in Iowa will not make the new classification of what is a city population. .

I wonder if they will go out in the dark of night and move people into their city to make it larger?

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The film is PG rated and here is the parental guidance advice from IMDB:

Some very tame sexual innuendo. Children will not understand.
A man grabs a woman's breasts, but she is disgusted and tells him off. (This is very brief, and they are both fully clothed.)
Some mild kissing.

There's probably more inappropriate sexual content on Saturday prime time family TV!

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Oh gosh...I love that movie!

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What’s the advantage in Iowa of being classified as City? Justification for collecting more taxes? State revenue for filling potholes and fixing bridges? Green-lighting for installing stoplights, which you need in a city? Is urban sprawl now an attribute?

Do cities attract more residents, growing more and more the bigger they get? Maybe a new Costco or Sam’s Club on the outskirts, or suburbs on the horizon?

They could borrow some of the cut-out figurines that have been occupying sports venues of late, and it would at least look as if the population had risen.

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Gosh I haven’t thought about that movie in years !

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Cyn, I have no idea... I don't know if that was just an iowa based thing or if other states will have similar conversations...

One of the impacted locations was Ames... if they can convince "whoever " to do thr count on a football Saturday... no problem achieving numbers and urban density... tho card board cut outs would be a quieter population

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Hmm. Guess I might have missed it. What is the name of the movie?

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The name of the movie is the name of this question: "The Englishman who went up a Hill and came down a Mountain".

I'm curious why this is posted in the "Beyond Europe" Forum. I know we have had Brexit and all but last time I looked Wales is still in Europe, and has a Forum here.

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Nigel, the movie came to my mind as a reference to how things are classified in the U.S. and what actions local citizens might take. Iowa city planners are definitely "beyond Europe "

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Cyn & Doric, if you’re talking about the MSA designation language proposal, it would apply throughout the U.S. not just Iowa. There’s a brouhaha about it as it could affect federal program funding distribution formulas, ratios, planning boundaries, all that good stuff. Loads of associations here inside the Beltway commenting on it.

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"There is a lot of inappropriate sexual activity in that movie." - Big Mike, your hot wife is wasted in West Virginia by the sounds of it.