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The Brooklyn Bridge

After the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad , the last link to connect the country from west to east was Manhattan to Long Island , completed in 1884 . This article in The NY Times by Michael Kimmelman is a winner -

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Thanks for posting!

I thought I was being a good sport when I went with my in-laws to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in August 2018. Turns out, I loved the experience and can't wait for the chance to do it again.

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Steven, this was wonderful and thank you for sharing it. I've never been to NYC and loved exploring the architecture through someone else's eyes. My favorite shot may have been the first one of tree lined row houses. My least favorite, the art deco Western Union building. I've always had an aversion to art deco for an unknown reason. I still enjoyed seeing it though.

This was a nice start to my day, perusing these pics with a hot cup of Bailey's and coffee.

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Thanks for the fun read from me too, Steven! Was pleased to see Cass Gilbert mentioned as he designed our (recently restored) Minnesota State Capitol building, along with quite a number of other structures in St. Paul, Minneapolis and some other parts of the state.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was a highlight of a NYC trip some years ago; highly recommended!

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Another thumbs up to walking the Brooklyn Bridge. Walk from Brooklyn to Manhatten

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These series are fantastic....I guess one silver lining of the current situation is these wonderful architectural articles that dissect these spaces and urban marvels so intricately. Love the photos too. Walking over Brooklyn Bridge is a great memory from prior trips to NYC...same with the Williamsburg Bridge.

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Most noticeable to me is the clean air and the large number of new buildings since my 1990 crossing.

Cass Gilbert’s most famous building is probably the US Supreme Court building.

It’s a stretch to say that access to an island completes a transcontinental crossing.

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Speaking of Cass....
The DH and I just had an "Adventure Day" yesterday in St Paul's historic Oakland Cemetery. I was looking for Mary Colter of National Park architecture fame (found her!) and discovered that Cass' father, Samuel Augustus Gilbert (1825-1868) is buried there as well. He was a civil engineer in U. S. Coast Survey service, and was made a Union Brevet Brigadier General for his "faithful and meritorious services" in the Civil War. His mother, brother Samuel, and Samuel's wife are also buried in the Gilbert plot.

Well gosh, the things ya learn on an Adventure Day!

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Tom , Many years ago , I attended a presentation about the bridge , and the speaker made that reference . Out of context , it does seem extreme in a literal way . As I recall it was a reference to the increasing use of technology in the nineteenth century ( railroads , industrial machines , construction , etc ) that was lacing the country together . By connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan ( Brooklyn was not yet part of NY City ) it created a powerful , connected , commericial entity . My apology for the lack of clarity .