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Thailand in August?

I am traveling to Bankok alone on August 7th and then down to Hua Hin on the 9th until the 14th. Flying from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City on the 16th for a week to meet up with some friends before returning to Bangkok for last few days before returning home. My research online said Hua Hin is one of the better places to go in August if trying to limit monsoon exposure. I was considering cutting my time in Hua Hin short and stopping over in Cambodia to go to the flooded forest/floating villages there and Ankor Wat but decided I wasn't up to the hassle of trying to figure out how to get there by myself (Train, bus, scammers...), plus it appears getting an "on-arrival" VISA via a flight is the easiest way to get a travel VISA to Vietnam. So I'm keeping my trip simple.

Are there any places in Thailand I should visit outside of Hua Hin and Bangkok? I am avoiding going up north as I'm told the hikes there will be infested with leeches this time of year and did have quite the experience with leeches in Tribulation Forest in Australia some years ago. How's the cycling in Hua Hin? Anything recommended to visit or do in Hua Hin or anywhere in Thailand that won't be super monsoon?

Thanks for any tips and ideas!

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Any recommendations for places to visit or do in Hua Hin or anywhere in Thailand that may experience less monsoon in August?
If anyone has any road cycling tips (renting, where to cycle in August) please let me know! I can still cancel my hostel in Hua Hin to travel other places if there are better places to visit than Hua Hin in August.


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No matter where you go you are just going to have to deal with the rain. We've been there that time of the year and it literally starts raining one day and then just keeps going for a couple of months with breaks every now and then. Everyone just keeps going though and as long as you do as the locals do, you'll still have a good time! Just put on your flip-flops and go!
If you scroll down the Beyond thread you'll see many of my recommendations for previous posters about Thailand. There are some simple "rules" to follow while there so you don't get ripped off as well as some amazing things to see that are not in the major cities.

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I've been to Thailand in August and out of the 8 days I was there it only rained once, the other days were very hot and humid. Definitely hanging round the pool/beach weather rather than exploring the sights.