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Thailand Beach Help

Hello Everyone,

My fiance and I are traveling to Thailand and Singapore late October through early November. We will be spending time in Chaing Mai and Bangkok before flying down to Krabi and eventually making our way to Phuket to fly to Singapore.

  1. Ao Nang for 2 days
  2. Koh Lanta for 2 days
  3. Phuket for 2 days - fly off to Singapore early next morning.

Our question is, is this too much traveling to pack into 6 days factoring ferry rides and potential Vans? Is Koh Lanta worth the effort to get to or does anyone recommend staying in Ao Nang / Raialay area an extra day and Phuket an extra day?

We love quiet but still somewhere we can go to town and don't feel like we are in the middle of no where and can escape our resort. We love good food and shops, and would like to experience some luxury (on a budget ha). Less of a party scene and more 'honey money' mentality.

Thank you!

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Disclaimer: It's been 6 years since we were in Thailand last time.

I have been to all three places and in your situation I would stay in Ao Nang all 6 days and fly from Krabi.

Take a stroll on the south-western beach and find a massage parlor which you can "adopt" (or rather "be adopted by") for the duration. You get a place to lay down in the sun and a place to sit in the shadow. You can get coffee and buy beer and other drinks.

"The Last Fisherman Bar" is a good place for lunch, but last time we were there an old deaf and dumb man offered chicken and corn on the cob from his "carry-on-the-shoulder" restaurant.