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Thailand Adventure :)

Hi everyone!!

I recently just got married and spent almost a month in Europe with my husband. We have began our addiction to traveling and are planning for our next adventure!

We have heard Thailand is a great place to visit during winter. We are interested in going to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. We estimate we will take about 2 weeks or 2.5 weeks for this trip. Possibly include a few days in Vietnam or Hong Kong.

Can any one please suggest great places to stay for example particular streets/ districts. We normally stay in Airbnbs and did that for Europe but with great help from the travel forum on where to stay near. Should we do hotels only because it is more comfortable?

Thank you kind travelers :)

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For Bangkok, we liked Hotel On 8. It was nice and very near public transportation.

Our favorite place in Chiang Mai is Sakorn Residence and Hotel. It's a little out of the city center but we've stayed there twice and really liked it. Baan Orapin is also very good--more traditional. You might prefer to stay in the city center though.

To help with planning for Chiang Mai and Bangkok get a copy of Nancy Chandler's Map--one for each city. You can order them from Amazon.

With 2-2.5 weeks, I'd focus just on Thailand and save Vietnam and Hong Kong for another trip.

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For accommodations, I suggest you search utilizing various booking websites. The sort functions on those websites can narrow your choices quickly and then read reviews critically to make your selections. Can't speak to airbnb and how it may or may not work for you. There's more than enough to happily occupy you in Thailand without venturing to Vietnam or Hong Kong.

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Taking the opposite view - food for thought . . . Hong Kong is a great add-on for 4-5 nights, it's a big, exciting city with an interesting history. Take the ferry to Macau for a day trip or an overnight, and see the difference between the Catholic Portuguese influence there and the British Protestant HK. I do agree that Vietnam isn't worth a short stop. Plan as long a trip as you possibly can - it's a l.o.n.g way away.

Allow enough time at your first location (maybe even start with the south and the beaches). Thailand is half-way around the world - 13 hour time difference from the Midwest - jetlag, long flights.

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hi all!
Do you think the best places/ most popular to visit in Thailand would be
Chiang Mai
Anyone have any input on places to skip or include?

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There was another thread very recently on Thailand - they were planning to spend time in the south, but not Phuket. Maybe you could do a search for it. Their choice sounded better, I think Phuket has become very touristy.

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I just looked at the "Beyond Europe" forum. It's Carol's post - about 1/2 way down the page - help with southeast asia itinerary.