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Taxis at LAX

Yeah I know an odd post, but I haven't flown in a few years and was surprised by the new system at LAX for taxi, Uber and Lyft so I thought I would share. It used to be there was a taxi stand outside each terminal's baggage claim and you would wait and wait until you could get a cab.

The airport has now moved those three transpo options to an offsite lot, which you access via a shuttle bus. Look for info on columns outside the terminal and wait for a bus with the appropriate signage on the front. It's not a long ride, but it's not short either depending on traffic. I think there was some signage indicating that you could try and walk, and that there were other locations somewhere inside the airport, but you should basically plan on schlepping your bags onto this bus and going to stand in a line at a remote parking lot.

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Mentioned this in my “In London Now” posted on 12/05/21 on the England forum.

You’ll need to get a seat on a shuttle to get to the staging area for all three. Uber on the left. Taxis in the Center. Lyft on the right.

My shuttle was very crowded so if possible grab a seat behind the driver. Why? Because the driver will open both front and middle doors. I was first off the bus via the front door with my luggage because of my seat behind the driver. The taxi line was already 30 people deep but moved quickly.