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Swimming Sea of Galilee in March of 2021

Any recommendations on where to rent a kayak for my crew? Any unique safety considerations? Thanks in advance. ElizabethB

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I'm surprised after seeing this question and your other one that there isn't some sort of club for long distance swimmers who would support people in this hobby with these sort of questions.

They are probably a bit specialist for most casual tourists.

Swimmer's groups have loads of information. This swimmer is coming with a crew who has wider interests/needs than mine. Researching here for the entire visit which will include non-swimming attractions. For example after I swim I hope to eat as many croissants as possible. Then do some site seeing. Thanks!

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I don't have a clue about kayak rental. Have you tried to google it? The lake is used a lot for swimming and boating, so I'm sure there are places. I can't think of any safety concerns - the lake is usually pretty calm, unless there's a storm or strong winds, but that's rare in March. The Jordan River flows through the lake but I don't think that affects anything. What kind of safety issues do you have in mind?

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Elizabeth, I just remembered that we have friends that I think have been to the area. We will see them tonight and I will try to ask them about the area. I know they didn't kayak but they might have safety ideas.