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Summer 2021 too early to travel to Mexico due to virus? Thoughts?

I am considering going on a trip to Mexico in June or July. Do you think it's too early to travel there due to the problems they've had with the virus? Also do you think my wife and I can get flights then in the summer for $300-$400 a person or is this a long shot? More like $500+ a person in the summer? I had thought about using Scott's Cheap Flights. Heard that there are good deals there.

A man told me yesterday that all non-essential businesses are closed now in Mexico so if you did go, you probably could not see much: like old churches and other places.

Thank you.


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Do you think it's too early to travel there due to the problems
they've had with the virus?

A resounding "yes" (and I say that despite the fact that they're "open"). I think I sent you lots of articles on different threads that describe what's going on in Mexico. If you are determined to go anyway, at least go online and start tracking what's going on and then decide for yourself. I can't imagine a country that large and relatively poor is going to have the virus in the rear mirror in June or July, especially given their incredibly poor record in treating it seriously and testing people for it. I didn't go last year like I hoped and don't expect to go this year either.

Flight prices depend on where you're flying from and to (which airport to which airport), which you didn't say. I've paid as low as about $250 (via Spirit) and as high as $400 or so flying from the DC area (Dulles Airport), but that's not representative of what you may pay. Texas and California have probably the best airline markets for competitive prices to Mexico due to demand and number of airlines serving various cities/ destinations in Mexico.

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Daily reports of killings in Mexico, both locals and tourists, etc.

The drug cartels have gotten out of control.

I could be in Mexico in 2 hours but would NEVER EVER think about going there these days.

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Seriously, an hour on Google would surely answer any of your questions. COVID is rampant in Mexico, despite (or perhaps because) it being "open". And as previously stated, is unlikely to go away there any time soon. Whatever is open or closed likely depends on the area you will be visiting. And who knows what may change in the next 5-6 months. Flights- No idea, since I don't know what city you are flying from or to. But be careful about tickets from 3rd party sites. Read their terms and conditions carefully before buying.

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I am so tired of people who aren't in Mexico telling others how dangerous it is here.

I wish all of you in the US luck next week. Sincerely. All my family and many many friends are in the US, and I'm very worried about the incipient violence there. Here I feel relatively safe and secure.

That said, I would not plan on a trip here in 2021 because vaccine distribution here will take all of this year and most likely into 2022. Please stay put. Viruses don't travel on their own. People move them.

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Things might be better by June or July but who knows? I have friends in Mexico who have been stopped at road blocks when going to the grocery store or other essential businesses and questioned as to why they were travelling.

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I’ve gone to Mexico twice in the past year, once solo

I somehow managed not to be killed or otherwise damaged in spite of the dooms day post above . (People who live in the United States in my humble opinion should not be telling other countries they’re dangerous.). Just like any place else if you don’t go to the wrong parts of town to go buy drugs you’re probably not going to have a problem.

That’s said the new restrictions on getting back in the United States are something you might want to consider. We had planned to book another trip and will now hold off until we find out what that means and how it’s going to work

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Not shooting the messenger, BigMike, but there are a ton of wonderful places in Mexico that aren't on that list.

I'm not denying that there are problems here with crime, drug cartels, and the like, but (1) they are generally confined to specific areas that are easy to avoid, (2) they are generally not random, but rather are targeted, and (3) foreigners are rarely victims, unless we get involved in something shady.

There are also places in every country that are best avoided, but that doesn't equate with avoiding travel to those countries altogether. No one is saying not to go to St. Louis or Detroit or New Orleans (or Missouri or Michigan or Louisiana) because they are also on the list.

I can give you a long list of places to go and things to see in Mexico (once the pandemic is behind us) that are safe. Vibrant cities and towns with rich cultural experiences, and spectacular sights of immense natural beauty.

It's fine if you don't want to visit Mexico, but don't paint it with such a broad brush.

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A couple of the youtubers who usually do cruise videos have been going to the resorts in the Cancun area. They have had no problems

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I’ve been going to various places in Mexico every year since 1993. I just avoid areas that are no go zones for tourists. I will miss my yearly trip this year due to Covid.

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I live very near the Mexican border and it isn't what it use to be. I use to cross over every evening for dinner and drinks. Not really in my comfort zone these days.

But you asked about COVID. I had some friends return from Cancun recently and they said the precautions in the resorts were the same as you would find in their home town. Of course, that doesn't answer your question. Personally, I would be inclined to wait and see how things look in May.

But, if you do go to Mexico I really suggest that you stick to the tourist hotspots. They are more likely to be taking precautions similar to those in the US, are well guarded, well protected and to the best of my knowledge "safe" from crime. But do some research on your own and see it its still within your tolerance.

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If you have the vaccine and the place you want to go to is up and running and the flights are going, there is no reason to "wait and see."

It's not that complicated.

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James is right, stick to the tourist areas.
Some places are safer than others. I know people that lived in Mexico City for 6 months and the said that some parts of the city were SERIOUS NO GO ZONES, but the central city, tourist areas were ok.
The Border with the USA is not good. I have relatives in South Texas that won't go over to border to Mexico anymore. The border is not safe.

Places like Cabo or Puerta Vallarta on the Pacific are OK if you stay in tourist areas.

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There's nothing wrong with sticking to popular tourist destinations that are well-known to foreigners, but I think those who like Rick Steves would also appreciate finding less touristed locations. And there are many that are very safe and absolutely worth visiting.

There's a local travel company here in Ajijic that runs tours to many of these places for the expats who live here. These are some of the places they go:

  • Guanajuato
  • Colima
  • Morelia
  • Patzcuaro
  • Chiapas
  • Queretaro
  • Oaxaca
  • Zacatecas
  • Copper Canyon

I've been to a couple of these places, and I'm looking forward to seeing several others once I've been vaccinated and the pandemic shut-downs have been mostly eliminated.

And yes, Mexico City is very safe in the historic center, but there are definitely some parts of the city where one should not venture. I imagine that's true of just about every large city in the world.

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Mexico has never been on my travel list, and now even less so.
My friends husband was held up at gun and knife point by two guys this time last year in the street.
They took everything off him except his dog.
Two other friends were dragged into a bar by its owner on a street last year,when someone was shooting his way up and down the street.
The bar owner did it to save their lives, and pulled down the metal shutters to keep them all in till it was over.
No thanks.
I am well aware that there are no go areas in all countries, but it does seem quite bad in Mexico and other Latin countries right now.

If you were booking: at least book directly through an actual airline, not a site with "cheap" flights in the name.
There's a pandemic on, and folks are having enough trouble getting reimbursed for cancellations form recognized companies and airlines.
More chance of being refunded from an actual airline if you have to cancel, than through a third party booking site.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Mexico is open NOW, so I suspect it will be in the Fall.

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Question: Do you think Mexico will have virus under control somewhat by November (with vaccine coming now)? Also do you think a lot of the tourist spots will be open then in places like Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Guanajuato? I had thought about going there in Nov. for 8 days or so with my wife. But if virus is still bad and most tourist spots are closed, no need to go.

Thank you.

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Also do you think a lot of the tourist spots will be open then in
places like Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Guanajuato?

I wasn't aware that most tourist spots were closed. Have you checked on that?

Do you think Mexico will have virus under control somewhat by November

There are some of us here that think the US will be "under control somewhat" by June of this year. Others that say June of 2022. Neither is wrong, the two opinions are just based on a different understanding of the definition of "somewhat". What does that mean to you?

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Number of cases stabilizing in Mexico. Also I don't want to go if most places in Mexico are shut down in Nov. If they're open though, by then, I might would consider taking a short trip with my wife.