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Suggestions for 9 day Jordan/Egypt trip?

Hi Everyone,

I am planning a 9 day/9 night itinerary for Jordan and Egypt. Originally, I had planned to spend all of my time in Egypt, but, I have a layover in Amman, Jordan and have decided to skip the last leg of my flight (one-way) and visit Jordan briefly. What originally was suppose to be a very short visit to Jordan has stretched slightly longer, but I want everyone's opinion on if this is a reasonable itinerary. Please note that I do enjoy a fast paced trips and have previously done a 17 day backpack trip of Asia which involved 4 cities, 2 countries, and 3 inter-continent flights (aside from RT from US to Asia). I will likely be traveling solo (male - 24) as well, but may have one friend join.

17 Nov - Land in Amman (Jordan) at 230p and have an authentic dinner before bed
18 Nov - Take 630A JETT bus to Petra, return on 5P JETT bus to Amman
19 Nov - Visit Amman Citadel, Roman Theatre, Jerash, and Dead Sea by taxi, fly to Aswan Egypt at 710P
20 Nov - Visit Abu Simbel by Aswan hotel organized trip and stay overnight in Aswan
21 Nov - Visit Aswan local city / local sights (unfinished obelisk) and take 5PM Aswan to Luxor Train
22 Nov - Visit Luxor sights (west bank, Habu temple, Seti temple, tombs of the nobles, valley of the kings in all day taxi hires
23 Nov - Visit Luxor sights (Luxor temple, Karnack temple, local Luxor sights) by taxi, Fly to Cairo at 1025p, overnight in Giza (for walking to Pyramids for early AM photos)
24 Nov - Visit pyramids, sphinx, other local Giza sights, move to Cairo Hotel
25 Nov - Visit Egypt museum, local sights, try local food, Egyptian cooking class
26 Nov - Fly out of Egypt at 7a

I plan to primarily travel by taxi or private driver, but plan to use public transit when it makes sense. I want to be most efficient with my time and that is why I lean towards private taxi and flights as budget is not an issue as of now.

Please let me know if you think I am missing anything important that I should see, OR, if you think my itinerary is far too packed - but, keep in mind I like fast paced sight seeing style vacations. I greatly appreciate all of your expert advice!

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Thank you for the response! You did have quite a bit more time than me, I am only going to have about 6 full days in Egypt. If you have to cut something out of your trip, what would it be? I am leaning towards cutting out Aswan and Abu Simbel if I need to as I would be able to move one additional day to Jordan and one additional day to Luxor.

Thanks for the tip on water as well.. I always stick to bottled, but did get my typhoid shot before going to Asia last year - so I should hopefully be good!

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Cut the Aswan or Karnak but if possible keep Abu Simbel. We went in motorcade down 2 lane highway
I forgot we went here from Luxor on a daytrip.

Also one warning if you are female. Two ladies in my crew I traveled with were groped on more than one occasion on the subway in Cairo. The gropers create diversions so you do not see it. There are separate cars for females on the subway but we did not want to get separated,

Also you might want to get earplugs so you can sleep through the prayer calls at 5am. The Muzzein in all the mosques use loud microphones and if you are not use to it it can be jarring depending on how close your hotel is to the mosque.

Finally keep some little money handy i.e. baksheesh read this

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Thank you for all the information! I would like to visit Abu Simbel, but I think it may be hard to do as many think I am not giving Jordan justice and that Egypt is already being rushed. I am having a hard decision on whether or not I need to cut Aswan and split the time between Jordan and Luxor.

I am a male so I will certainly be careful! The 5a wake up time might be good for me haha, I usually like a very early start to my day!

Does anyone else have suggestions on my itinerary?

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this is the new itinerary I am thinking of going with.. what does everyone think? Is this an improvement?

17 Nov - Land in Amman at 230pm and rent a car; drive straight to Petra (overnight)
18 Nov - Be first arrival to Petra and buy 2-day ticket pass; stay entirety of day; consider Petra at Night
19 Nov - Visit Petra for remainder of day; travel back to Amman, arriving before 10p
20 Nov - Visit Jerash, Dead Sea, Roman Theatre, and if time allows, Amman Citadel, fly out at 710p, land Luxor at 1145pm
21 Nov - Visit East Bank: The Temples of Karnak, Luxor Museum and the Luxor Temple
22 Nov - Visit West Bank: Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Medinet Habu and the Colossi of Memnon
23 Nov - Visit Ancient Cities: Edfu and Kom Ombo; Fly 630p land 740p EgyptAir to Cairo from Luxor (overnight in Giza)
24 Nov - Visit pyramids, sphinx, other local Giza sights, move to Cairo Hotel
25 Nov - Visit Egypt museum, local sights, try local food, Egyptian cooking class?
26 Nov - Fly out of Egypt at 7a

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A lot of my friends and acquaintances visited Egypt - I missed the boat on that one. I've been to Petra and the Dead Sea. Didn't get to Jerrash . . . yet. If I had the choice, I'd spend alll of that time in Egypt. The sights in Jordan are interesting, but the sights in Egypt are (so I've been told and as I've seen in pictures and read about) are stupendous.

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No way in heck would I drive in Jordan, especially not to Petra from Amman. It is scary driving. Every time I’ve been to Jordan, I’ve hired cars with drivers. This is from someone who lived and drove in Ghana for 7 years.

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Just an FYI re: typhoid immunizations. There are two types. One is an injection that lasts two years. The other is in pill form (4 pills over the course of a week) and gives you five years immunity. If you are traveling to countries where the CDC recommends immunization against typhoid, then the pill form is your best option. Many doctors don’t know there is an alternative immunization. We had to educate our primary care physician on this one.

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Thank you all for that information! I received the typhoid shot already last year so I will be covered on that front!

Emily, what made the driving so crazy? I had a colleague who found driving in Jordan to be very easy and have read online that it is not difficult. Would there be a particular reason why I shouldn't rent a car? It would allow me much more flexibility while being cost effective.