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Suggestion for hotel in Tel Aviv near the beach and the city center (old town) and airport transfer

We will be in Tel Aviv in June. Our tour group will arrive on June 27. We would like to have a few days on our own prior to the group's arrival. Could someone recommend an economy hotel that is near the beach and the old town. Also, what is the most economical way to get from the airport to the hotel? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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My two friends and I stayed at Embassy Hotel in July, 2017. It was a five minute walk to the beach, budget friendly, very clean, included breakfast, and the staff friendly and helpful. We took a taxi to/from the airport.

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Thank you for the response. Good to know that you were there in July. Was it too awfully hot? Also, how far is the airport from the hotel?

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I stayed at the Best Western Regency Suites in Tell Aviv. It's five minutes from the beach and across from the former U.S. Embassy. I liked it because every room has a mini-kitchenette.

I was there in June 2016 and it was HOT!!!!!

The airport if I remember was a 30-40 minute drive and I believe the fare was a fixed rate. I don't remember how much.

Just be aware almost everything is closed on Saturday but your hotel will know what restaurants are open.

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Travelpatty, yes, it was very hot. I live in Tucson, so I am used to temperatures over 100 degrees (about 60 days a year), but when I went on a tour to Masada and the Dead Sea, it was quite uncomfortable. The Israeli tour guide joked with my friends and I that we should be used to the heat, and as we told him....when it is this hot at home, we are inside with air-conditioning.

BTW, the Embassy Hotel is across the street from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Enjoy your trip!

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The Israeli tour guide joked with my friends and I that we should be used to the heat, and as we told him....when it is this hot at home, we are inside with air-conditioning. Heck, that's where we are here! I can't think of anywhere that doesn't have AC, including buses.

Late June usually means hot and humid - probably low 90s, or 80s if you're lucky. Along the seashore is a little cooler, and most hotels are no more than a 15 minute walk from one of the beaches. It does cool off somewhat after sunset. As long as you're in the shade it's comfortable to sit outside for drinks and meals. Beware - most outside seating means smokers.

The easiest way to get to your hotel is to take a taxi from the authorized stand (turn left when you exit the airport), the rates are fixed and reasonable. If the driver suggests using the meter, you are entitled to refuse. If there's traffic (almost always), the fixed rate is cheaper Even if there's a long line, it usually moves fast. You could take the train, but the train stations aren't near the seashore, so you'd have to take a taxi from the station.

I'm not sure what you mean by "old town." Tel Aviv is a new city, very modern. The oldest parts are not much more than 100 years old. Parts of Jaffa are much older, but not really walking distance from the beaches or hotels.

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We stayed at the Debora hotel. Walking distance to the beach. It was in the early 2000s but it still gets decent reviews.

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I stayed at the Maxim Hotel. It's not right on the beach, and so is less expensive than those that are. The breakfast is not as impressive a spread as other hotels seem to have, but it got the job done. The room was nice, and I'd certainly stay there again.

Do note that Tel Aviv is a relatively expensive city for hotels. If you don't find a place at your price point, look at apartments.

As Chani says, there is no "old town" in Tel Aviv, other than Jaffa (not so convenient for seeing the rest of Tel Aviv). There are multiple areas in the center with stores, restaurants, and sights, and these blend into each other. Some prefer the beach; some like places more inland like Rothschild Boulevard (which should be seen in any case - it's beautiful) or the White City (Bauhaus buildings, some of which are now hotels, like the Cinema Hotel and the Center Chic Hotel).

Also be aware, if you're looking for a hotel in Jerusalem, the Old City (which certainly is old!) is not a good place to stay. At night, it's deserted and kind of creep; it's not dangerous, but nothing is open then. It's quite different from European cities where the oldest section is often the best place to stay. Instead, stay in the New City (again, not really new, just newer than Biblical times), where there are stores, restaurants, and the like that are open, as well as variety of hotels.