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Staying in Gibraltar, traveling to Spain and Morocco

Good day,

My family and I are US citizens, planning to visit and stay in Gibraltar in October, using Gibraltar as a hub. We would like to visit Morocco and Spain, but we weren't sure of customs and duty taxes. If we shop for textiles in Morocco, for instance, what would the rate be to bring goods to Gibraltar before heading back to the US? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Aside from your actual question, have you checked the ferry schedules and destinations from Gibraltar? The port called Tangier Med is not in Tangier, it's closer to Ceuta (Spain). There are more frequent ferries from Tarifa, Spain to the port of Tangier Ville. Or ferries from Algeciras also run to Tangier Med and to Ceuta.

There's no customs duty on a normal amount of goods for personal use. Are you talking about commercial quantities?

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Thank you very much. Yes, I am aware of the ferry schedule and we plan to drive to Tarifa and take the ferry from there, as it is to Tangier, not Tangier Med. I was just looking for info for personal use, as I really like all kinds if textiles, and I wanted to be sure if I found a few items, that there wouldn't be a huge tax, that's all. I am grateful for your time and information.