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Start visa process from a foreign country?

Hello, I am a US citizen, and about to start the process for the visa to go spend time with some friends in Russia. I am about to fly to Mexico and stay there for a few weeks and figured I would do everything from there. This brings up two questions...

Is there any reason why I cannot do the visa process from Mexico, or do I have to be in my home country for any reason? (I read a random article that mentioned "should file from your home country").

Is there any reason I cannot leave straight from Mexico to go to Russia?

Thanks for the replies

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For my Russia visa, I used a visa service, and for what it cost, I'm glad I did. Don't know why you couldn't do it from Mexico, but you will have to visit their Embassy and wait. Might even have to leave your passport with them. The visa service needed my passport. Took about 2 weeks.

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The old rule on visas was that the closer to the country you were the cheaper and easier they were i.e. get a Vietnam visa in Thailand not the US etc. That was before evisas and you had to physically present you passport and get a stamp and pick it up a couple of days later.

There are a few exceptions - pre covid China was funny about you getting their visas from anywhere but your country of residence.

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I don't see any reasons for you to go back to your country. The whole visa process can be done online here - Shouldn't take longer than two weeks in total. The same with the flights, if you find a suitable one from Mexico you can just go ahead. I never heard of the requirements which say that you have to take a flight only from your origin country. The only thing now you have to consider - all the covid regulations. Check those carefully and make sure you have all the papers/tests/vaccination passport ready.

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The best source of info would be the local Ru consulate/embassy - maybe give them a call?

From what I see on their web site, three things may be of interest:

  1. All foreign nationals (non-MX) must apply in person (wonder if that squashes the idea of a third-party visa agency):
    (Las personas de otras nacionalidades están obligadas a tramitar sus visas personalmente);

  2. All foreign nationals also must present their residence cards (which will become an issue if you're there just visiting):
    (Los extranjeros deben presentar también su forma migratoria de residencia en México)

  3. The service takes up to 20 business days (oh well).

With all that in mind (and until you learn otherwise from the consulate), I think you might be better off applying here in the US (it also offers shorter wait times and a pretty straightforward process, which many people on this board are familiar with and would be happy to help guide you through).

ETA: with the news of more cuts to Ru embassy personnel, maybe not such a clear cut decision when it comes to timing...but still, I'd apply here, rather than in Mexico.