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Spirit Airlines vs Delta

Flying to Orlando in Feb and many of the flights are with Spirit. Ive never flown with them - any opinions. Other options are Jet Blue and Delta. Thanks

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You will get many more responses if you post your question in the Transportation forum.

But I bet most of them will say that either Delta or Jet Blue is a far better choice than Spirit, which usually ends up at or near the bottom of rankings for domestic (US) airlines.

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Spirit is an ultra-low cost carrier and to keep ticket costs low there are restrictions on baggage, etc. Be sure you are aware of ALL restrictions before you book. I've seen lots of discussion elsewhere on trying to find a suitcase that fits the Spirit small dimensions. Also check to see how often they fly your intended route. With some LCC's the route might just be a few days a week so if one plane has mechanical issues you might wait several days until they can get you on a flight. I have not flown Spirit.

I like Delta's safety record so that is my airline of choice. I am also not a bargain shopper for air fares although I know many are. Delta may have several flights a day to your destination. Check to see.

Jet Blue is trying to acquire Spirit. I think it's to the point where they are waiting for a governmental ruling.

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I’ve had to fly Frontier before because they just fly to Florida far more often and far cheaper than the other airlines. With both Frontier and Spirit, you get what you pay for. Their baggage fees often make the cost comparable to full service airlines so I usually just pay the bit extra for the more comfortable flight. But when push comes to shove, I will fly budget airlines for flights around 2 hours or less. Just know you are getting limited leg room, an uncomfortable seat that doesn’t recline, no drink or snack service, paying for any baggage beyond a personal item that can fit under the seat, no desk agent assistance for free, and paying to pick a seat. As long as you’re aware of all the fees and restrictions and know what you’re signing up for, Spirit gets you from point A to point B just fine.