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Solo trip to Curaçao

Any been to this island...Favorite beach? Best day trip?
Simply your best memory from there?
Thank you!

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My wife and I spent 25 days on the island last Christmas through half of January. We stayed at an excellent bed and breakfast that was rental car distance from downtown Wilemstadt. The hosts were excellent. Their place is in a development and has a pool and tropical garden. Beaches are something we know nothing about. A day trip would be to one of the few public beaches or to the end of the island.

We found the island depressing because of its history of a Dutch slave trading and colonial holding. In some ways it still seems like a Dutch territory although it is working towards independence along with Bonair and the other one.

If you would like more information send a note to

The hosts at the place we stayed will pick you up at the airport and deliver you back.

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I connected a flight through curaçao and went on to Bonaire. Bonaire is the place to be for scuba diving. The two islands are very close. Because of the Dutch, it's clean and safe. I would only go back for the diving. Bonaire is tiny and can be seen in just a few hours with a guide. It 's easy to get a guide with a van. It's laid - back and a place to recharge. For curaçao, plan on easy strolls and snorkeling, some fresh fish dinners. There is no hurry. You can probably visit the curaçao liquor company. Maybe hire a travel guide and tour the island a bit. It's more arid than you may expect. Not really lush and tropical. It's not Hawaii by any means. More rocky and dry.