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Solo Female Travel Peru

Next April I am hoping to go hike the Inca Trail with a tour group, but I would be staying in Cusco on my own, total stay about 9-10 days including travel. I would be travelling alone and I wondered if anyone had any experience or heard about females travelling to Cusco/Peru alone. I have traveled throughout Europe but always with someone else, and I have never been to South America. I am a bit nervous to book the trip being alone but would like others input. I know to use the usual common sense such as using a money belt, keeping purse in front of me, don't bring flashy jewelry, don't walk alone at night, etc.

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One of my good female friends went to Peru alone recently for 12 days to see the Amazon, do a major 5-day hike in the Andes, and tour Macchu Picchu/Cusco. She took all forms of transport - flights, boats, train, as well as collectivos (small shared vans) to some of the ruins around Cusco (there are several that have nothing to do with Macchu Picchu). Cusco is safe and friendly, you should have no problems at all. She used a Lonely Planet guide and said that travel was very easy. She doesn't speak any Spanish either, if that helps any. I think knowing a few words would be very helpful. I would have no problems going alone either. If you want to do hiking in Peru, just know that the Inca trail will be the most crowded because it's the best known. There are plenty of other tours that can be just as (if not more) satisfying.

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Thank you for your response! That puts me at ease to read that.

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I assume you're from the U.S., so it would be prudent to have a look at this website - . Be sure to read all tabs, including the "health" section for vaccinations you will need.

Warnings on the Canadian government website are somewhat stronger - (be sure to read the "Safety & Security" section).

You may also want to register your trip with the STEP program.