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Sim Cards for Morocco and Egypt?

We would like a Sim Card so that we can access internet with our mobiles in places without WiFi. Phone calls are not a priority for us, only internet access matters.

Here's what we would like to know:

  1. Can we buy them at the airports? We arrive at Marrakech Airport in Morocco on Jan 7, then when we arrive in Egypt on Jan 13, we arrive at Cairo Airport.

  2. What sort of deals are offered by various telecom companies?

  3. We will be in Morocco for 6 days, and in Egypt for 9 days. What is the best deal for those periods?

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I was in Morocco 3 months ago. You can get a free SIM card at the airport in Terminal 1. There may be guys walking around handing them out before passport control. Unfortunately I was with a group that arrived at T2 and couldn't get it. I went to the telecom kiosk after customs and was told to go to T1. There was no time for me to do that. I finally got to a telecom store in one of the cities (they're all over) and bought a SIM with 4G of data - no phone usage. It was about $5 for the SIM. If I'd had my passport with my tourist visa in it, it would have been free. I paid about $2 for the data. It may have been time-limited or there may have been a misunderstanding at the telecom store. Anyway the data access stopped after about 8 days. I went into a small kiosk I was directed to and he topped up my phone with another 2G for about $1-2 dollars. Apparently you can buy data everywhere.