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Side trip to VN from Thailand

Hi all, I am going to Thailand to visit a friend who is an expat there. While in the neighborhood I decided to go to VN to see some of the places where I was during the war I need to find a travel company that can accommodate my itinerary economically and help me get a visa. I have heard that it is easier/cheaper to get it and book tours from Thailand, but have no proof of that. Because I am adding this to an existing trip I could add it on to the travel insurance in the next few days if I can set it up. I realize now that I should have started this earlier, but it was an afterthought.
1. Regarding the visa: does anyone know if I have to stick to a set itinerary or can I simply wing it once I get there?
2. Are there any travel companies that you recommend for booking this side trip to Thailand?
Any help/ advice regarding these questions is welcome

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See my response on this thread where I gave detailed info on Vietnam visas for US passport holders. Note that lines for the visa at the airport can be long in Saigon because it's by far the biggest and busiest - usually short in Hanoi. AFAIK the only thing you need is a round-trip ticket when you enter the country - no itinerary or room booking. There are single-entry and multiple-entry visas, single is cheaper. You need cash dollars at the airport to pay for the visa. It's pretty easy to get around on your own. There are lots of tourist agencies once you get to Vietnam where you can book single and multi-day tours. It will be cheaper there than anything you book online. I don't know about tour companies in Thailand. There are frequent cheap flights between various cities in Thailand and cities in Vietnam.

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About travel companies, you will have free tours in Hanoi with "Hanoi Free Local Tours". Outside Hanoi, maybe AZ Local Trip is a good choice because it's affordable